Time for the Change


Our living areas are our indispensables. We do lots of different things to make them beautiful, and to add value to our living spaces. One of the most important and constant one is the painting of our homes. A well chosen paint can change our atmosphere with a classy, quality look while can help us with its economic value and long resistance.

Arkiface Paints; Interior & Exterior paints, adds a beautiful, unique view to our living areas with its high coverage, easy applicablity, long life and possibility of bespoke color variations and quantity options.

Arkiface Paint’s unlimited colour options, which you can use with peace of mind thanks to its quality, visuality and economic features as well as environment and human health sensitive components, invite you to change.

Stay tuned for our articles where you will find small clues about decoration and painting… “Don’t Delay the Change”

Product Description: ArkiFace Interior & Exterior paints
Contact: Arkimet Architectural Solutions
Address: NEF 22, B 162, Ataköy, D-100 Yanyol, 34158 – Istanbul, Turkey
P: +90 850 228 13 30

W: www.arkimet.com

E: satis@arkimet.com 

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