NEWS – The Facades+ Conference

Organised in Kansas City on 15th September, The Facades+ conference will explore the facades, which are defined as “skin” as well, by bringing together the profession, industry, academia, operations, and ownership. The event has three main themes consisted of innovative building facades, high performative facades, and the future of Kansas City.


There will be forums, in addition to the presentations in the 2-day event. Architects, construction professionals, engineers, material experts and manufacturers will be the participants of the conference.


After the opening speech, the event will continue with “Materials + Surfaces: Crafting a Facade” and “(Re)Designing Downtown” presentations. The most attractive title of the event is “Parametric Facade Optimization at All Scales.” Phil Kolbo, who is studying in stadiums, arenas, convention center designs; Paolo Sanguinetti whose researchs focused on parametric modelling, building simulation, BIM and integrated project delivery for facade systems will be the speakers of the session.


You can reach more information about the event in here.




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