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Switzerland-based facade chemicals company Dynamic Bonding Systems continues to maintain its technical support to sectoral partners with KOMO-certified products since 2014. Dynamic Bonding Systems provide panels to bond onto building’s facade, ensuring an endurance to the physical environmental conditions. It aims to increase production performance, reduce budgets of materials, and accelerate the manufacturing process; and also issue a 10-year product warranty.

It is aimed to provide aesthetic quality and sustainable usage on any facade, by having solutions for various materials such as metal, ceramic, concrete, or wood. The products create a long-term usage because of the product ingredients adaptable to both high and low temperatures. Dynamic Bonding Systems have nine products with different functions: Dynamic Bond, Dynamic Bond HIT, Dynamic Sprayable, Dynamic Stone, Dynamic Bond 2.5, Dynamic Bond 4.5, Dynamic Seal, Dynamic Trans and Accessories.

Dynamic Bond

Dynamic Bond creates ideal solutions for various materials such as aluminium, galvanised metal, glass, concrete, wood, and plastic; and also have a wide range of application areas on facades and roof parapets. The product is also often preferred in the automotive industry, since fast drying and ease the implementation provides convenience within the implementation process.

Dynamic Bond HIT

Dynamic Bond HIT is generally preferred in construction industry, and it can be easily applicable to surfaces such as concrete, stone and ceramic. Due to its elastic structure, it can adapt to the decorative panels, acoustic surfaces, and sloped metal surfaces. The product can be used on areas where silicone products may cause danger. It also offers a viable solution to the surfaces, where painting is desired after the application.

Dynamic Sprayable

Sprayable products from the Dynamic series minimise the mechanical damages such as corrosion and moisture. Dynamic Sprayable has the same visual quality as the plastisol-based products. It allows to paint the second layer without waiting for drying the first one, and also provides practical solutions on joints.

Dynamic Stone

Dynamic Stone is designed for the materials such as natural stone or ceramic which will be placed on aluminium or  galvanised metal surfaces. It is a strong binding element, especially for natural stone or ceramic.

Dynamic Bond 2.5

Dynamic Bond 2.5 can be used as an elastic adhesive product with enamelled glass and painted glass, and can be encountered in metal applications.

Dynamic Bond 4.5

With an odourless content, Dynamic Bond 4.5 provides an easy utilisation in the application areas. It creates a high durability via a tensile strength of 4.5 N / mm2. The content of the product allows a usage lasting for many years.

Dynamic Seal

Dynamic Seal is mainly used in wood surfaces and metal windows, and it provides a high UV-protection, a resistance against climatic conditions, as well as a strong adhesive characteristic. The anti-stratification feature creates an easy, one-layered application. The product is especially preferred within the window connection details.

Dynamic Trans

Solvent-, silicon-, and isocyanate-free Dynamic Trans offer transparent products, which can be applied onto a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, ceramic, natural and artificial stone.

Product Description: Dynamic Bonding Systems, made in Switzerland
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