Merger pays a close attention to food and health area.With an excellent aluminium alloy, we can assure multi-function feature and internal quality of can. In addition, can material supplied by Merger has high surface quality and is easily for recycle.
Key feature:31780977_xxl

  • Easy to coat
  • Good shape
  • Good shape
  • Recyclable

Key feature:17432209_xxl

  • Good flatness
  • Good shape
  • Fine grain
  • No defects

Application field:

  • Can body
  • Can lid
  • Pull-tab

Application field:

  • Package foil stock
  • Cigarette foil stock
  • Medium gauge foil stock

Product details:

We improve craft during process of strip production, and can satisfy surface quality with the strictest internal standards. We can offer the most suitable punch forming strip according to the customers’ demand.

Product details:
High-quality and productive foil stock products can guarantee low cost and high performance of down-stream foil. We can fulfill the customer’s requirements on alloy and temper.


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