ART – Narratives On Facade

There are plenty of examples where a building’s form or purely its facade turns into a communication tool. Facades, which are usually used as a marketing area in a crowded city, also function as a canvas for artists. In this sense, we have searched for projects, which are transmitting a message by appliance of different media tools such as 3D mapping, LED screens, light projections etc.

Energy Tower

Designed by Erick van Egeraat, this Energy Tower in Roskilde, Denmark has a lighting concept, which can be seen anywhere in the city. Gunver Hansen Studio designed the facade lighting project to eliminate the negative effect of tower.


Counterpolis is a 120 seconds audio-visual installation on a huge LED screen of all of the facades of ICC Tower in Hong Kong. Counterpolis is designed by Chris Salter and Erik Adigard.


Felipe Pantone, Rebecca Smith, and Selina Miles design the experimental installation Flourescencia, which combines light, film, and wall paintings. Carried out under Switi Rauw street art festival, the project applied on a building facade with graffiti, light and projection mapping method.

DIA Lighting / Urban Canvas

The project Urban Canvas, designed by Martin Professional, Kollision and Transform, has a facade surface, which is consist of 80,000 LED units. Passengers on the street, images can control the images on this screen via their smart phone application.


Design by Asif Kahn, MegaFaces project was carried out under the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. It was intended to establish an interaction with participants in the Olympics. In this sense, the photos taken in photo booths placed in various regions in Sochi were displayed in front facade of the entrance building in the Olympic Park.





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