LEAF STONE – New Texture, New Colors

For centuries, used as a reliable structure material in different countries of the world, natural stone has recently gained more significance and wider areas of usage thanks to a new and fascinating product, LEAF STONE a new interpretation of features: losing weight and hardness, while gaining features of flexibility and 1,5 mm thinness.


Leaf Stone is a genuine natural stone cross-section, as thin and light as a leaf, as durable as a rock. This fineness and naturalness is emerging after separating the surfaces of stones to be used from the main body of stone and combining it with fiberglass, using complex technical processes.


With Leaf Stone you can customize the areas you design, you can organize your sizing and framing works according to the project and add your own interpretation to the living spaces.

Leaf Stone is an ideal material for those who are in different quests on the exterior in terms of lightness, thinness, durability, ease of use, color and texture alternatives, as well as being an insulation material at the same time.

From the use of maximum sizes in wide facades to use of minimum sizes in design objects, Leaf Stone can constitute various compositions with natural stone.


The thickness of Leaf Stone natural stone is between 1,5 mm. – 2 mm.

The weight per square meter is between 1.3 and 1.5 kg.

Leaf Stone is flexible. The fiberglass on the backside provides it with enough strength flexibility.

Preferable according to the usage of Leaf Stone:

– Leaf Stone with fiberglass backing

It can be used easily in flat and curved areas, interiors, exteriors and wet areas.

A plate with a length of 1200 mm. can be bended and stretched up to 380mm radius. (The radial grades may vary due to texture of natural stone on the top surface of the product.)

– Leaf Stone with textile backing

It is thinner compared to fiberglass backing product. its thickness is between 700 and 900

micron. It can be bend in concave and convex forms depending on the shape the curvature in the columns, in curved, arched and circular forms.

It is preferred in furniture, textile and design products.

– Leaf Stone with transparent backing

It is used effectively in backlight application in architectural projects, welcome banks and design lightings due to its light-permeable backing.

Why Leaf Stone should be preferred?

Leaf Stone has most of the qualities of the natural stone.

Leaf Stone is;

–  thin (1,5 mm)

– light weight (1,3 – 1,5 kg/m2)

– flexible

– durable

– easy to cut

– easy to apply

– water resistant

– easy to transport

– unaffected by temperature changes

– available in large sizes

– available in wide variety of colors and textures

– has the beauty and charm of natural stones

– can be glued to many different indoor and outdoor surfaces

– Leaf Stone’s light weight and flexibility is appropriate for many applications such as wall paneling, cladding on buildings vertical and horizontal surfaces not previously considered for stone due to light weight and/or flaking issues.

– Leaf Stone’s light weight and flexibility makes it possible to be applied to surfaces where use of natural stone material would not be possible.


Architectural Designs

Interiors and Exteriors



Countertop Covers

Store and Showroom Arrangements

Restaurant, Bar and Cafe Designs

Hotels, Offices and Clinics

Furniture Production

Office Furnitures

TV Units

Armchairs and Chairs

Doors and Covers

Lighting Sector

Chandelier, Lampshade and Wall Fixtures

Yacht, Ship & VIP Vehicle Designs

Orientation   Marks

Ease of Application of LEAF STONE

Besides the knives used in natural stone and marble cutting, Leaf Stone, due to its being thin, can be easily cut with metal scissors. Our research and development studies have also successfully proved that Leaf Stone can be cut with laser.

Leaf Stone is easily applicable as a wall panel to MDF, HDF boards, styrofoam layers, concrete, brick, gypsum plasterboards, mortar-plastered walls, plywood, acrylic, other plastic sheets with polyurethane adhesives. it is not recommended for floor and kitchen countertops due to its natural texture.

Leaf Stone in designs

Leaf Stone is not an alternative but a leading product in architectural practice.

Leaf Stone is an important choice in material selection, which is the most important process of design and architectural practice and in saving use of time and space.

According to the materials that are in use, Leaf Stone brings the designs to the forefront and provide awareness in the environment.

You can feel the naturalness in living environments by application of Leaf Stone, which is differentiated in the sector with its natural texture, elegance, lightness and flexibility in architectural structures and designs.

Leaf Stone’s concept compatibility with pre-designed products such as seating group, furniture or floor, which already exists in application areas, is high due to its color and texture range.

The choice of materials in building design is the most sensitive issue for architects to reflect the works they present to the end user in the desired efficiency. There are many parameters that need to be considered according to the usage areas.

Product Description: LEAF STONE Ultra Slim Natural Stone
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