PROJECT – Healing Balance Inside And Outside


Perth Children’s Hospital, built as a replacement of an old and insufficient hospital, can be defined as a modern building that combines the functions of treatment, medical research and education. The design of the hospital, accepted as a landmark building in Nedlands, Australia, belongs to JYC Architects and Urban Designers, Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland, Billard Leece Partnership and HKS Architects.


The fairly large hospital with 274 beds has various functions such as clinical research, education and clinical services. The design of the hospital, on the one hand, provides spatial solutions for complex functions, on the other hand it establishes communication between the interior and exterior space. In this sense, in order to strengthen the communication with the environment, rooms, common areas and public spaces are designed to have as many window openings as possible.


A simple plan has been applied to the hospital, which conveyed a sense of holistic identity. A functional, effective, flexible and integrated space composition has been designed in order to create the best suitable units for therapy, education and research. The facade design, which reflects the identity of the hospital, has a functional and effective approach that adopts a modernist view. In this sense, the façade is created by DualENAMEL Vitreous Enamel Panel, which is a sustainable material with high resistance to the hardest weather conditions. DualENAMEL, a long-lasting material, is preferred in the constructions of public buildings and public spaces because of its aesthetically pleasing visuality.


Architects: JCY Architects and Urban Designers, Cox Howlett & Bailey Woodland, Billard Leece Partnership, HKS Inc. Architects

Production Year: 2011-2016

Construction Area: 125,000 m2

Cost: $ 1,200,000,000

Product: dualENAMEL Vitreous Enamel Panel

Authorization: Merger Architectural and Industrial Metals

A: 1.Levent Plaza, Büyükdere Cd. No: 173 / A Floor: 7 34394 Levent İstanbul

T: 0212 386 3328.

F: 0212 386 3200

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