LANDSCAPE – Future Projection of Fujimoto

As part of the Shanghai Project, which purposes to create a platform to think, discuss and act on the sustainability of the future, Sou Fujimoto designed the Envision Pavilion. Reminiscent of his previous design, Serpentine Pavilion, which was built in 2013, the structure describes a transparent space.


Fujimoto uses scaffolding structure as the main material of pavilion and invites visitors to think the future of mankind 100 years from now in relation to architecture. Openness of the structure indicates the communication. In this sense, maybe, Sou Fujimoto predicts that people will be bored for living in closed boxes and will communicate with “outside”.


Standing in the garden of Himalayas Museum and creating contrast with the building, the Envision opens in some areas and creates platforms for events and discussions.


Referring to Shanghai Project, which was based on sustainability, it can be indicated that the recycling of materials are included in this pavilion. Although the placement of the potted plants reminds an artificial object, they are described as “natural”. Scaffoldings function as a playground for children while they create an exploring space for adults.


The structure is creating interesting patterns on the museum wall in dark because of its lighting design.

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Photos: Vincent Hecht




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