Celebrating Turkish Republic Day

Merger Mimari, an award winning Istanbul-based architectural materials solutions and supply company, has announced on Turkish Republic Day, starting operations in the GCC region, basing their business in Doha

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Award-Winning Merger Mimari Lands in GCC 

Merger Mimari, an award-winning Istanbul based architectural materials solutions and supply company, have recently started operating in the GCC region, basing their business in Doha.

Mr Cagri Kurbal, CEO of Merger Mimari, believes Qatar is primed to be the next big trade centre of the Gulf region and that now is the time for companies to widen their markets. As a distributor of premium European and Turkish architectural and construction materials, Merger Mimari outsource production of more than 100 upscale construction materials for premium projects only, and already ship worldwide.

What Qatar Deserves

With a background in foreign trade and investment, Mr Kurbal is experienced in working with a multitude of countries and is an expert in architectural façade cladding. The staff at Merger Mimari are also highly experienced in this field and having successfully completed several challenging premium projects in very tough markets like Turkey, Mr Kurbal aims to transfer his company’s experience and impressive portfolio of brands to Qatar. He says: ‘Qatar deserves premium quality materials and the best service. This is especially crucial for the country’s 2022 goals. Poor materials will mean a poor first impression, and instead Qatar should be conveying its excellent business sense and economy through sustainable investments that will stand the test of time. Qatar has already established a top-tier international brand identity, and we are ready for the challenge.’

Qatar, New Trade Centre of the Gulf Region

Qatar is now entering a great new construction industry era, as the ongoing Saudi-led blockade forces the country’s construction industry to take control of decisions regarding the supply of materials. Mr Kurbal says this is a change which will almost certainly prove advantageous to Qatar in the long-term: ‘Project owners and architects are now deciding suitable designs and choosing the correct materials, and Qatar now has the advantage of applying its own directives and specs to these. This facilitates direct interaction with the international markets and the best in the world within this industry.’

With the recent passing of the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) law, which will allow 100% non-Qatari investment in all sectors by the end of 2018, Qatar is poised to become the trade hub of the GCC and Mr Kurbal says: ‘This will definitely help develop Qatar’s independent economy. Economic development can never be considered without the development of a proper industry, as it is the lifeblood of any economy.’

Transferring Our Experience

Merger Mimari has worked on some of Turkey’s biggest architectural projects, including the the Greenox Urban Residence in Istanbul, which required the company to push the limits of possibility in order to provide the most natural looking concrete and wood for the façade, using an aluminium based material. In partnership with premium brand Euramax, the world’s number one in aluminium coil coating, they achieved an authentic look and the building went on to be Leed Gold certified and win the Sign of The City Award for the Most Green Building category.

Mr Kurbal continues: ‘We have also contributed to the building of some of the most complex industrial buildings, such as the Turkcell Data Center and Akbank Data Center, in Turkey, with project budgets of almost half a billion USD. Our award-winning work on such projects demonstrates our experience in using the most suitable and effective materials; knowledge which we believe will successfully transfer to the building of Qatar’s industry in the following years.’

By bringing their ongoing supply links with premium brands and specifically distributing directly to Qatar, Mr Kurbal believes his company can add real value to the country’s already flourishing construction industry and developing infrastructure.

Rising Together

Today we have many successful project references worldwide and we would like to see more projects accomplished in Qatar. We are ready here to bring our products with our well deserved experience to Qatar. These two cultures have similar objectives. Qatar is preparing for the World Cup in 2022 and Turkey will be celebrating 100th year of Turkish Republic in 2023; we both have challenging objectives to accomplish until then. We are celebrating Turkish Republic Day this week; and sharing the same aims and intensions, we feel Turkey and Qatar raise together.

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