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The latest concerns about non-combustible facades is no longer an issue, thanks to FR A2 rated dualBOND Aluminium Composite Panel.

ACP; Not As Useful As Thought?

ACP is a widely-used façade material because of its practicality and availability. Also being able to offer almost all RAL colors on its surface with different gloss levels and visual effects; makes it easy for the architects add this smart product to brands list in project specifications. But how trustable it is, especially when exposed to fire..

Is Creativity Dead? Or Is There a Hero?   

Some news spread lately raised some questions about the reliability of the product; that is resistance to fire! Now, decision makers consider replacing their design with monobloc façade panels (rather than composite materials); but this time they face a very limited choice of surface and color options. This is a big concern for the brave ones, and for the ones whose ideas are beyond limits.

A standard aluminium composite panel contains polyester core to make the product financially available and practically workable; however this plastic core may cause a fire to spread by melting quickly and dropping to other areas; also being smoky may be a recipe for a disaster.

Yet dualBOND has already been offering ACP with alternative core options;

FR Bs1d0 (Smoke 1 – Drop 0) and non-combustible FR A2 certified panels of dualBOND has already been in the market and proved itself against though conditions.

Is the Material the Same?

The answer is a big YES! No visual difference can be spotted, as the difference is only the replaced core inside the panels. This means all color and surface options (you can see below) are still available with non-combustible panels, which we believe makes the architects more than happy..

Non-combustible Panel Costs Less Than Insurance!

You may expect dualBOND FR B1 or FR A2 ACP costs more than standard dualBOND core panels; YES and NO. There is of course a price difference reflected per sqm due to different raw material used and dissimilar production technic. Still; practically your overall costs will be lower when you also consider your insurance company will offer you a discounted proposal.


dualBOND leaves no place for questions and hesitation.

Your day is saved, so DON’T HESITATE AND ORDER dualBOND..

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